June 16 2020 - MINDFULNESS

Finding Your Purpose

In this Mastermind session, we will go deeper into defining what ‘’Purpose’’ means. We will discover that the definition of ‘’Purpose’’ is composed of two parts:

#1 Who I Am and #2 What’s important to me.


These questions can leave us feeling lost and confused, wondering if the choices we are making are taking us closer to or further away from our purpose.

                   All Levels Welcomed


                   60 min

Ana-Patricia Bourgeois

June 17 2020 - BUSINESS

Review & strengthen your Business Model + Strategic 90-day business action plan

It is for this reason that we must consider Reviewing and strengthening our business model as to create a Strategic 90-day action plan: easy to understand and implement.

In the first hour, through a basic 360 diagnostic of their business or project, participants will gain a better understanding of their strengths, areas in their operations needing improvement (actions to prioritize) and opportunities to seize. By the end of the second hour, participants will come out with a 90-day action plan ready for them to implement.



                   120 min

Yasmina E. Jimenez

July 20 2020 - MARKETING

The essentials of branding

Branding is a key component to master for any project and/or business you run. It allows others to get a preview of who you are and what you offer.

Proper branding practices allows a sense of coherence, professionalism and builds confidence with your potential clients.

In this mastermind, we will go step by step in the basics of branding and give you time to apply them to your project and/or business.



                   120 min

Patrick Balyan

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