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Don't fake it 'till you make: be resourceful!


While we wear many hats as entrepreneurs and put out much energy on a daily basis to reach our goals, it is easy to lose ourselves within the standards, styles and perceptions put forth within the influencer and creative entrepreneur realm. After all, it is not only about offering a unique service or product, it is about influence, inspirational style and in many respects, daring to do what others only dream of! However, we often sabotage ourselves as we try to prove we are valuable and worth investing in. 


Whether you want to prevent this from happening to you or turn your own entrepreneurial journey around, join Yasmina in this mini-workshop, as she present how you can stop faking it 'till you make it and actually walk to the talk!

Pamela Bakalian

Listen to your head you're dead Workshop!


Is that pit in your stomach your intuition trying to send you an important signal? Or is that queasy feeling just good ol’ fear clouding your decision making process once again — doing its best to keep you inside your comfort zone.

Join Pamela Bakalian for a Workshop where you’ll learn four simple tests that can help you make smart decisions, every time.
If you’re struggling to listen to your heart instead of your head, this Workshop will definitely help you.


Creative & Strategic planning


Strategic planning is essential for the normal development and continuous growth of any company and even more when applied to our personal life.

In this hands-on workshop we will explore mechanisms to define a healthy attitude, identify realistic objectives, prioritize specific activities and discover the best way to be efficient while safeguarding our health and a happy family life. Does that sound like too much? ... when you get properly organized ... EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE !! And also very rewarding.

This event will be fun, creative and full of inspiration for you to go back to your day to day life with useful tools allowing evaluation, monitoring and measurement of results, which can be applied to your company or to the realization of your most desired wishes.