June 18 2020 - MINDFULNESS

How to solve any problem?

This workshop is designed to help you deal with or solve any problem you are currently having, even the ones that keep you tossing in bed at night. After learning the tool I will teach you, you will be able to look at your problems in a way that cuts through any doubt, fear, or worry and ignites solutions. Experience live coaching to apply this tool to your unique situation.



  • You’ll learn why mental health is the most important thing that underpins your wealth and your life

  • You’ll learn about a tool called “The Model” that can help you solve any problem

  • You’ll experience live coaching to help you apply this tool to your life and business

             Any Levels Welcome


             90 min

Sarah Rose

July 19 2020 - PRODUCTION

Less is More - Photo Editing on Lightroom

Learn how to understand what needs to be improved on your photos and incorporate tools from Adobe Lightroom to achieve the look you want in your editing.


  • Getting a clear understanding of the basics of photo editing

  • Navigating through photo editing tools and understanding their tools

  • Key components when it comes to photo editing, to getting them to look professional.



             90 min

Dany Dao

July 8 2020 - ENTREPRENEUR

How to Master the Art of Public Speaking

MasterTalk Foundations helps attendees better understand what public speaking really entails and how to master it. The workshop consists of different concepts like mastering UM's and AH's, silences, audience mastery, eye contact, etc.


  • Clear set of exercises to practice public speaking on a daily basis with clear signs of improvement

  • Mindset change from not being able to master public speaking to strong mastery and conviction to follow through

  • Introduction to the elite presenters mindset; how the best speakers in the world think about presentations and crafting them



             90 min

Brenden Kumarasamy

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